She’s considered ugly.

She’s poor.

She’s the designated beast of burden.

But they underestimated her intelligence. Her self-respect. Her power to love.

Meet Satyavati, the eldest of three sisters, living in dire poverty in Uppinahalli, a nondescript village near Mysore, Karnataka. In the backdrop of the 1970s Emergency, Satyavati has to face her own emergencies. Even as starvation is a constant threat, Satyavati must finish her education and graduate; she must get that promised government job so she can fund the weddings of her better-looking sisters. This duty has been hoisted on her – a payback for being the eldest and the ugliest. What else can be expected of one who is destined to remain a burden on her parents? In the summer of 1975, in the final year of her college, Satyavati meets Chidananda, a dynamic and non-conformist lecturer. Chidananda’s unconventional ways fires Satyavati to swim furiously against the tide; to discover herself; to reject status quo. She must now succeed not only for her sisters, but to stand as an equal in front of a man she’s come to love, even if her love remains unrequited.


Someone's Always Waiting

The Revenge of Kaivalya

Kencha is found dead deep within the forests of Kukke. His body is branded with a strange message written in HaLegannada, an ancient version of Kannada. Even as Dhruv Kaveriappa, Chief Conservator of Forests - Hassan division, investigates Kencha’s death, he senses an unseen danger in the forests of Kukke, Bisle and Sakleshpura. Animals drop dead; plants wither away and just as Dhruv feared, the forest claims another victim. Shivaranjini unwittingly treks to the same spot where Kencha was found dead, and soon, she suffers a devastating tonic-clonic seizure. She also begins to exhibit a bizarre personality disorder. Perhaps there is an outbreak of an unknown rabies-like disease?

Meanwhile, far away in Bengaluru, Matchu plans a reckless kidnapping which spins out of control. 
As the seemingly unconnected events unravel in a dizzying maelstrom - Dhruv realizes there is  a link after all - an ancient truth far too terrifying to comprehend...

The Revenge of Kaivalya

Inspired by classical Gothic horror themes, Redemption traces the story of Sally Smith, a lonely and disturbed young woman living on her own in modern day Britain. ​

When the anonymous phone calls start, Sally believes someone is trying to rake up her past. After all, Sally Smith is not even her real name. 

Sally's sanity unravels as she believes she's had visitations by a powerful entity - an entity that's come back to claim her. As her world implodes, Sally must choose between good and evil; between beauty of the soul or beauty of the body; between love and lust.

Redemption was shortlisted in the 2016 Creative Writing competition arranged by UK's Writing Magazine and John Murray Press




ENCOUNTERS is a potpourri of five sumptuous stories involving a motley crew of protagonists — from a simple agarbatti salesman to a dynamic psychiatrist, from a forensic analyst to a retired accountant. Skating along the borders of fantasy and paranormal themes, the stories track incredible and poignant journeys of self-discovery, tracing the cathartic aftermath of fleeting encounters.Type your paragraph here.